To Sell Or Not To Sell..That Is The Question

Monday, June 11, 2012

Is the week-end over already?  This is just too soon for it to be Monday.  Looking at the pile of items in front of me, I have to think.....where did we get all this stuff and why did we keep it?  You see its pre-garage sale week at my house. UGH!

Rick (my husband) and I have been threatening to do this for a few years, never had the courage to tackle it. This is tackle week.  Our home has four floors if you count the basement, that's where I spent the entire weekend. UGH!  My work office is there plus my sewing/craft room.  A storage room (looking kind of empty) Yeah!  and Ricks office.

Why do we keep things we haven't used or seen in years?  The biggest question is why when we find them we have to decide whether they will go or stay?  Hmmm!!!!  I thought this was a girl thing, but after the weekend I see it is not.  I guess men have their sentimental what in the world is that, haven't seen this for years, I better keep this stuff too.

We did make progress and we still have the rest of the week to go.  Our next project is the third floor, which has been our storage area.  I don't even know what is up there.  Rick asked me if I was going to sell all the Christmas trees....I said "No, you never know when we might need all 15 of them.  Since our house has large rooms, one year I had five trees throughout the house.  I forgot you have to put it all back after the holidays.  Haven't done that one again.

Through all this digging out and putting a value on my stuff, I have realized how blessed I am. ( I think that quite often) but as you go through things you have accumulated you see how often we take "stuff" for granted.  How wasteful we can be and how "stuff" is so important.

I think the word the Lord has placed in my heart is SIMPLIFY get rid of those things you don't need, be thankful for all that you have.  I'm sure that Saturday after my "stuff"  has found a new home, I'll never even know its gone.

Psalm 100: 4  Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His name.

Happy Garage Sale Week!!! :)



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