The Bittersweet Holiday Syndrome

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

  Last week at this time I was running like a chicken with my head off. (Sorry about the visual)
so much to do, so little time to do it.  I had planned everything down to the wire, so that when everyone arrived on Thanksgiving, myself and everything else would be looking good.  Not an easy task!

Through all the busyness trying to creep into  my mind were those thoughts that this time next week reality will be looking me in the face.

I call it my "Bittersweet Holiday Syndrome"  I have come to realize that all moms of kids and all gams of grandkids who live in other states come down with this syndrome right after a holiday.

The first symptom starts in the "eyes", the tearing can get intense.  From there the arms begin to feel empty for the "can't get enough hugs" have just pulled out of the drive.  Immediately the ears are affected by the deafening silence, the house is so quiet, followed by the one I dread the most, the heart begins to ache.

Today, some of the symptoms have lessened, I am back into some of my routine, but the dread comes from knowing that my heart will always feel this way, until the next holiday, then it starts all over again.

If you are in the "Bittersweet Holiday Syndrome"  I would love to hear your story. 

Hope to hear from you soon!


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