Guest Blogger: Mackenzie Ramseier

Monday, January 2, 2012

 This week I am really excited that "WE" has a guest blogger.  Her name is Mackenzie Ramseier.  She is 10 yrs. old and lives in the Chicago area.  Her passion is reading (Color Nook for Christmas), her goal is to become an author.  I asked her to write on one or two topics of her choice.  Here is what she wrote.  ENJOY!


The true meaning of Christmas is always covered by commercialism like a thick fog.  Jesus is covered over by toys and money and many other things that are fine, but compared to Jesus, its meaningless.  People slowly start to drift away from God.

In fact, if you ask someone what the true meaning is, most likely, they'll say gifts.  God gave us such a great gift in such a small package.  We need to respect that.  Make sure if someone asks you what the true meaning is, you answer Jesus.  THE END.


Girls are beautiful.  We spend hours washing our hair and bodies.  The truth is, we need to keep clean, we need to spend more time washing our hearts, our souls.  So whenever you take a shower, spend only half the time you usually take.  Spend the other half praying or doing good deeds.

I think this says it all.  Thank You Mackenzie for sharing! 



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