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Monday, May 23, 2011

I think spring has finally come to stay.

It's been touch and go for a few weeks, and summer is definitely trying to interrupt. As I was cleaning and preparing my front porch for all the flowers I had spent most of the morning carefully picking out, I realized what I love about spring is the new areas I find to nest. Places that call to me to come sit awhile. It becomes an extension of my home, and besides preparing it is half the fun.

This year we had to buy new furniture since the old was beginning to look a little shall we say used. New area rug...check, new furniture...check, new fire pit...check, new top for the gazebo...check, new netting...check, throw in some pillows, last but not least hang the chandelier.

After hours of sweat and lots of hard work and the sun beginning to set, I sat in my new chair, snuggled in and looked around. To my surprise many of my neighbors were nesting too.

Spring opens up a whole new world, so don't forget to take time out of your busy schedule to build your nesting place.


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