How's your lawn looking?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Don't you love the smell and the look of freshly mowed grass?  
The color, the sound of the humming lawnmowers,but wait, why does your neighbors yard look so much thicker, almost like  carpet.  
Wait! Look how much greener their green is than your pale green. No matter how our life is,  the grass always looks greener on the otherside....everyone has heard or said that line...and most of the time we think its true. 
I mean when we compare our lives to others we never have the green, evenly cut, flowing in the wind, thick like carpet grass. We see our ruts, the worn spots, weeds, not to mention the POO! 


We just don't see ourselves in the same way we see others.
If you get real that line it ends something like this...

       ...but you still have to mow it.
       ...but you still have to pay the lawn service.
       ...but you still have to pull the weeds.
       ...(my favorite) you still have to walk your dog in the neighbors yard.

It takes work, hard work to have the perfect lawn, but truth is no one is perfect. No matter how hard we work, we are never happy with our lives or ourselves. 
I know what your thinking, "...but you don't know my circumstance, you aren't dealing with what I am dealing with. Your not going through what I'm going through."
You're right. But we are ALL going through something...thats when we start the comparing game.
Webster says contentment means to be satisfied. Are you satisfied where you are? If the answer is NO - the remedy is not to compare but to be grateful for who you are (you are uniquely made), be grateful for what you have and most importantly be willing to work on the areas you can change.
Remember: There is someone looking at your grass thinking it is much greener than theirs.    


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