Are you complacent with your marketing?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's easy to get complacent when thinking about the marketing aspect of your business. It is especially hard to keep that excitement for marketing attitude if you work out of your home or office alone.

Complacency is your number one enemy. To be complacent means the quality or state of being self satisfied. There are several reasons complacency happens:

  1. Fear - Just thinking about the term marketing sends shivers up and down your spine.
  2. Lack of knowledge - Marketing takes in a lot of takes time to learn and take advantage of all the resources available to get you up to speed.
  3. Just-get-by attitude (laziness) - Too much to learn, too much to do...I just hope this all works out.
  4. Action too late - Many times action comes too late and there is too much to recover from.

If you find yourself stuck in complacency, there is good news - you don't have to stay there. One of the key ways to fight complacency is to get involved in a good networking group. Brown Bag Marketing's goal is to help motivate you to market your business without wasting your time or money. For more information please see our website -


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