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Monday, August 6, 2012

It never fails that when I'm having a conversation with a woman or a group of women, the word organized always seems to pop up. It goes one of two ways: I can't seem to get organized or I am so organized I can't enjoy the people in my life. Like everything else there has to be balance. (I know there's  that word again)

I use to be a real perfectionist, I would clean, organize, have everything the way I wanted it and here would come someone who thinks that drinking glass can sit in the sink, or don't they know that pillow has to be put on the right side of the couch, how come there is a newspaper laying on the table, who forgot to put the bread away, how many times do I have to tell them that throw rug needs to be straightened. On and on until I was exhausted. This my friend is the picture of an over organized person whose life is out of control. The good news is that I either got too tired or there is something about getting older that mellows you out....:)

Being organized is not as hard as it seems. It does take a little planning and some effort. So if you feel your needing to organize some of the clutter in your house lets  first find out what kind of clutter type you are:
 The Collector-collectors collect things. The End.

The Concealer-concealers collect things but the stuff is neatly packed away so the outsider won't see any clutter.

The Accumulator-is your basic pack rat...the person who keeps everything.

The Tosser-doesn't let anything lie around for long.

The big problem comes when the collector marries a tosser..lets don't go there!!

Not only can we have clutter in our house, but a lot of the time that clutter spills over onto our lives especially in our hearts.

  The Collector-collects things people have done to them, what was said, what they didn't do, how it hurt. They get angry and display all your wrongs for everyone to see...gossip.

The Concealer-collects things people have done to them , gets angry but packs them away so no one knows they feel this way. With everything neatly packed away they begin to withdrawal from those who hurt them and eventually from others who haven't for fear they will.

The Accumulator-this person keeps everyone as their friend, wanting everyone to like them no matter what they have to do to please them.

The Tosser-won't let anyone in, they have been hurt by way too many. Don't even think you can have a relationship with a tosser, their heart has grown so cold. 

Clutter in the physical is usually a symptom of the clutter in the emotional and spiritual part of your life. Lack of clutter or being too organized is also a symptom of a void your trying to fill emotionally and or spiritually.

To declutter you first have to acknowledge it, face it and start to work on it a little at a time.

The same goes with heart clutter..
Acknowledge that you can't do this alone you need the Lord's help
Face the fact that you need to forgive those who have hurt you (hard one)
Start to work on it a little at a time; with prayer, God's word and the knowing that you don't have to do this alone.

Psalm 119:32  I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free.

Have a great week!

Linda :)


Margo Dill August 6, 2012 at 3:49 PM  

Very insightful post and one I will need to figure out a little more--not the physical clutter--can't stand it--although some of my closets might beg to differ. As for heart clutter, I never really thought about it before, but probably we all have a little of that leftover from our pasts. I have something new to pray about now. Thanks for making me think! (BTW, I got here because I saw your post on FB reminding me that you post on Mondays!)

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