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Monday, April 16, 2012

This last Saturday, April 14th is a Saturday that many will not forget.  The whole week before there was a build up of the possibility that Saturday could bring dreadful storms with a chance for deadly tornadoes.  Saturday turned some peoples lives upside down.....in a matter of minutes.

Watching the devastation on the news Sunday, I could not help but be grateful that I was not in their situation.  I saw people digging through piles of debris to get one item that would help them bring back a little resemblance of the life they were living a short day before.

I began to cry as I watched a man in his 70's making a small pile of anything that could help reassure him.  The camera stayed on him long enough to see him pick up a hand mixer and set it on the pile...the look on his face has stuck in my mind.  Maybe ten items in the pile with a massive pile of wood behind him that once was his home.  Please tell me how one wraps their mind around all of that.

Its surprising that more lives were not lost, but today six families who last week were maybe making plans for their vacations or next weekend are now grieving the loss of someone they love.

Today I write this blog hoping to get a couple of points across.  The first is to "BE PREPARED"  Don't wait till there is a crisis before you decide what to do.  I called the local Red Cross and asked which one of  the two places I had picked out were the safest.  I asked for a list of what I should have in that safe place.  They will be glad to hear from you.  The lady I talked with thanked me for getting prepared.  She said they are usually helping those who weren't.  Don't put this off, it could save you and your families lives.

Now today be "GRATEFUL"  You got up this morning from your warm bed, showered, walked to your kitchen, hugged your family as everyone went out the door, drove your car to the building where you work.

To you its an average day, to those who lost everything this weekend, its something they will never take for granted again.

Psalm 95:2  Let us come before Him with thanksgiving


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