Where do you live?

Monday, April 18, 2011

This week as I was talking with a client, a picture began to pop into my head. Let me take you there...
Imagine a beautiful pond at the edge of a meadow full of tall green grasses blowing in the wind, touched by the color of various wild flowers big and small...as you scan the meadow the beauty of it all is amazing. The sense of peace overwhelms you. 
The pond itself has its own beauty, there are lily pads floating with burst of colorful blooms, you can see a swan or two gracefully gliding across the water, the reflection of the sun dance glistening jewels so bright they hurt your eyes. 
The temptation is too much - you just have to take your shoes off and wade slowly into this pond.


At first touch you feel the warmth and the soothing water surround first your toes then your whole foot...as you begin to walk a little deeper the muck begins to invade the spaces between your toes, feeling pretty yucky...as you try to find a better place to stand you step on something sharp and hurt the bottom of your foot. 
Standing there in pain, you feel what I call sucker fish begin to nibble at your ankles, by now you have a whole different view of this what once was a beautiful pond, now a place of anxiety. 
Our lives can be like this pond. 
There is a beautiful world full of color, amazing seasons, caring people, opportunities, sunshine, music and most important a God that has created it all and given it to you. But for one reason or another, alot of us choose to live at the bottom of the pond, where there is dark mirky water, sharp objects that hurt and sucker fish that in human form can suck the life right out of you. 
Life becomes like the bottom of the pond, full of anxiety. The good news is that you don't have to live there... 
You can chose to run through the beautiful meadow and enjoy all that is there or you can choose to stay at the bottom of the pond where you can't see those things around you. 
I gotta ask....Where Do You Live?


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