Simon Says

Monday, April 25, 2011

When was the last time you played Simon Says?  
Remember how you felt? 
You would begin the game with all the confidence that you would not move until simon told you to. Before you knew it there you were sitting on the sidelines.
Being a" people pleaser" is kind of like playing Simon Says. You have set your goals and a plan to get there, you have all the confidence that you can do this, that your not going to move unless it is part of the goal.
It doesn't have to be big goals, it can be your goal for the day. Before you know it there you are moving in other directions that aren't part of the plan. You find yourself doing everyones plans but yours. 
Not being able to say "NO" will eventually find you sitting on the sidelines, burned out, discouraged, forgetting where you were even headed.
Before you say "YES", stop and think: Am I doing this for the right reason? Or am I doing this to please others  so they will like me... think I am a wonderful person... tell others how great I am...look good to make myself feel better about me.  If any of these sound familiar.


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