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Monday, February 27, 2012

As I was pondering on what topic  to write on this week, the book (are you ready) "It's Okay To Miss The Bed On The First Jump And Other Life Lessons I Learned From My Dogs" came to mind.  I have two dogs, a rescued greyhound named Care Bear and a party standard poodle named Lizzy Chanee'.  Both are truly kids with fur.  I'm not joking!  I expect them to sit down and start a really good conversation with me. (love the German shepherd on you tube.)

John Hurly, the author of this book, has some very interesting thoughts on what we can learn from our dogs.

When A Dog Barks-Listen
Dogs only bark because they need to, and for as long as they need to, as though they have an innate sense of self-editing.  A dog never has to take back whats been said, A dog will never bark and lie, a bark always tells the truth.

It's Okay To Miss The Bed On The First Jump
Dogs have no delusions about self assessment, they are always pretty clear how they feel about themselves.  If they're satisfied where they are in life at any one moment they will wrestle a toy or take a nap to celebrate.

When they find themselves in circumstances that are particularly unappealing they will do anything possible-bark, cry, scratch, or jump to stack the deck back in their favor.

A Cold Can Of Meat Is Still A Feast
Appreciation is a lost art-fewer thank you cards are sent and fewer return text or calls are made.  The arrogance of presumption is the natural enemy of appreciation-dogs do not presume, every time they are fed its a great time.

Every Fifteen Minutes Is A Brand New Day
If you have ever left your house to go somewhere, walking to the car you discovered you forgot something, you walk right back into the house (gone a total of two minutes)  your dog acts like they have not seen you for a week or two,they are so glad to see you.  Are we that way with people?

When Someone Stops Petting You, Move On
As hard as it is, we must know that not everyone we meet in life will like us. Are you o.k. with that?

Own Your Own Fur
Dogs regardless of their breed seem to have pretty strong sense of themselves-humans on the other hand look outside for things to define themselves-titles, degrees, accomplishments, cars, zip codes.  How do you feel in your skin?

Never Miss A Nap
Napping is an act of vulnerability, its acceptance of our fragility as humans, that we need to replenish ourselves, that we are not wholly complete.  Do you take time to rest?

You Are Only The Size You Think You Are
We define ourselves not only by what we say "yes" to but also by the courage to say "no".  We often agree with the status quo rather than expend the energy it takes to evoke change. 

If Your Happy & You Know It Wag Your Tail
Dogs don't know that they do great things.  They sit by our sides, with little effort and much joy.  they evoke all the things that are good in life-laughter, love and intimacy...all with a wag of a tail.

Everyday Is A Stretch
Dogs condition their bodies because they need them, humans do not.They instinctively maintain their flexibility and consequently live for more active lives in later years.  Do you take care of the body God blessed you with?

I love my dogs to the max, and they love me right back.  I have always said a dogs love is the closes example of Gods love for us..TOTALLY UNCONDITIONAL!

Psalm 52:8  I trust in Gods unfailing love for ever and ever


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