Laundry Day!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Today's blog is really going to age me, but I feel I have to share about my laundry. Weird I know, but todays topic just the same. My question is: Does anyone besides me remember when Mondays were laundry day?

I mean laundry day...the whole day.

As I was growing up, my grandmother would do laundry on Monday (this is where the aging comes in). We would go down to the basement..not a pretty sight, dirt walls, dirt floor and the smell of dampness filled the whole room.

I loved helping her! There she had a wash machine and two square for rinsing and the other for really rinsing. When the machine was done she would crank the handle and the machine would push each piece of clothing through the wringer at the top of the machine.

My job was to catch them on the other side and put them in the first rinse tub. Then my grandmother would take each piece out of the tub, wring them by hand and put them in the second tub. Then she'd repeat the wringing out, put them in a basket and carry the wet clothes up the stairs to the laundry lines that hung from the house to the end of the yard. Then we'd hang each piece and go back to do the next load. Late in the afternoon she would take each piece of clothing from the line to fold and put in the basket.

As I was dreading to start my daily load of laundry, I thought what am I dreading? It only takes a couple of minutes to put the laundry in the machine. I have those new front loads that have sensors that do all the work then lets me know when its done.

I think my grandmother would be amazed at the very thing I take for granted. Forgive me Lord for overlooking the blessings that hit me in the face everyday. By the way Tuesday was ironing day...but thats a whole different story.

Have a wonderful and blessed laundry day!



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